I Can't Believe It's A Dip


29 Flags Over Conway

Therrien 2016

$25 DF

DIP,5 to 6.5" Flower, SEV, EM-M-RE, 32"Tall, 22-25 buds, fertile both ways.

(Wesleys Masterpiece x Barbara Lambert)

Finally we have enough of TWENTY-NINE FLAGS OVER CONWAY to introduce.It was the choice seedling in the garden for the 2013 Regional Convention.It is a medium purple with a white edge on the petals and sepals with multiple bands of color with a green throat.This flower is a sun-fast purple with 20 to 25 buds and grows like weed on tall scapes.This variety is a fantastic rebloomer,reblooming in the garden six to seven times in a season.It is an easy pod and pollen parent and is one of the top performers in the garden every year.

Therrien/Zahler Garden

AHS Display Garden 

2107 Cultra Road

Conway, SC  29526



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